• Patrick Harris

Are you a UK based company struggling to source quality skilled candidates?

Skilled Technician working on motor vehicle
Have you thought about recruiting from abroad?

As we are all aware there is a massive shortage of skilled technicians across the UK, from whether it be the automotive industry, construction, heavy goods, plant & machinery there is a major shortage of quality.

Personally, I have been recruiting across the UK since 1995, and with reluctance I say that the industry is drying up with Talent.

The UK added Mechanical Engineers to the Critical Shortage List in 2018, this means that skilled candidates can relocate to the UK with sponsored work visas.

We have teamed up with a firm of solicitors that can assist in your process for Sponsorship Visa applications and of course we can source global talent that are extremely keen to enter the UK and add to our thriving economy.

We often see Friends and Family, look at pastures new and move to Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and various other locations across the globe but the same does not happen from the UK perspective.

As a recruiter, I am approached daily with fantastic global talent that are extremely keen to relocate to the UK and have a superb pool of skilled talent that are very keen to further their career.

This service would only be useful for Mechanical Engineers & Technicians.

The other benefit would be that once the candidate is under your sponsorship, they are unable to work for another employer if their sponsorship is transferred. This will then become an additional cost to the company poaching your new team member.

If you would like additional information, feel free to click the button bellow and book a consultation with one of our team members.

Legally you can claw back any visa costs from any candidate that leaves your business during there Working Visa, along with our claw back facilities that we have on offer we are sure to be able to fill the void left in your business by the lack of skilled workers in the UK.

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